Ripley Davenport on LinkedIn: 2010-Present

Ripley's current LinkedIn page is here:

The first iteration of Ripley Davenport's LinkedIn page, April 1, 2010 is here.

We find Ripley, described in his own words, as "record-breaking explorer", "pioneering figure" and "renowned desert explorer". All patently false statements including this doozy: "He works as an expedition leader and desert guide for Visit Mongolia and numerous private companies and individuals".

After being questioned by email about these claims, Ripley wrote "I did delete and amend some facts and list what I believe is significant." and the next version of LinkedIn is presented here in a series of screen grabs from March 2012:

LinkedIn Page 1:

Education listed as "School of Life" (no mention of degrees or Online University)

LinkedIn Page 2:

Ripley is listed as a desert explorer since 1998 which contrasts with the current listing showing his exploration career beginning in 2008. But Ripley has never mentioned any desert exploration event that happened in 2008 although he does claim that he started thinking about going to Mongolia in that time frame. This is curious because Ripley and his wife Laura supposedly met when he was giving a paid lecture about his trip to Namibia to the public at a hotel in Denmark in 2004.

Ripley's description of his activities in HM forces do not include being Special Forces, Combat Paramedic, veteran of the first Gulf War, Bosnia, etc. which he specifically claims in other documented venues.

Linkedn Page 3:

Ripley describes in detail two expeditions for which there is no evidence that any actual steps were taken to implement them.

LinkedIn page 4 and 5:

Here we find several endorsements by people who have had no actual experience traveling with Ripley. The endorsements appear purely based on what Ripley has said about himself. So much for the usefullness of LinkedIn endorsements. It is worthwhile noting the Geoff C. had just taken on the job of publicity promotion for Ripley and Nigel G. is a notorious purveyor of adventure travel with a very checkered history. Earl de Blonville's lyric endorsement based on thin air can be found here. More on Earl here. Bob Atwater, VP for Membership at Explorers Club also has a dodgy resume including claiming to be a recipient of the Medal of Freedom. He was also Vice President of a non-profit veterans group that was successfully sued for fraud and shut down.

Turning to the endorsements on the current LinkedIn Page:

Steve Blethyn: Mr. Blethyn is a self-described "wilderness medic". In 2011 he was part of the original roster of the Gobi2011 walk but was dropped from participation for vague reasons. Mr. Blethyn has never traveled on expedition with Ripley and knows nothing more about Ripley's abilities and experience than what Ripley himself has told Mr. Blethyn.

Earl de Blonville: fancies neck scarves and is a self-described "global leadership researcher, pioneering the development of Postformal Leadership, a radical new approach that democratizes leadership for every level of every organisation." Mr. de Blonville (nee Bloomfield) has several videos online in which he explains his theories of leadership. His must be thinking at the most rarified level of intellect since this reader could not make heads or tails of it beyond the fact that it has something to do with integrating emotions, experiences and serving a higher purpose.

In regard to his very effusive endorsement of Ripley Davenport on LinkedIn, I recently asked Mr. de Blonville this question:

"Given that you endorsed Ripley in several areas, Public Speaking, Navigation, Expeditions Logistics, etc. I am wondering if you can expand upon when and where you had the experience(s) with Ripley that provide the basis for your endorsements."

His response:

"In Australia, when some idiotic sounding, self-important stranger jumps up and starts demanding information that is nothing whatsoever to do with them, as you see fit to do, we just tell them to go and get fucked. Those types usually get the message there and then, and it's all over.

But if, as in your case, the stranger remains persistent - presumably delusional or cursed with an inability to see how totally inappropriate their behavior is becoming - we consider two choices: either to bust their smart-arsed fucking face to teach them a long-overdue lesson in humility, , as obviously they have been getting away with this kind of behaviour for far too long, or to pity them for being unable to help or control themselves.

Which approach would prefer? If it's the latter, then I will consider writing your behaviour off as being that of a sad but impertinent loser with too much time on his hands and not enough intelligence to monitor himself. But if it's the former, let me know your full name and home and work addresses so that a few of my rather interesting friends can fit a visit into their busy travelling schedules. Understand that they may not all be able to attend at once, but will visit sequentially. OK with you?"

Mr. de Blonville, for all his charm and wit, never indicated whether he has actually met, traveled with or listened to Ripley Davenport as a speaker.

In the event that the current LinkedIn page should disappear or be altered, please advise me at and I will post screen grabs of the original page from June 13. 2013)