Update: Feb 28, 2015: Ripley Davenport's new page, which purports to detail his history as a worker in Forestry and Wildlife is here. The image on the page is not attributed, and is actually in the Redwood forest of California, far from Denmark. The image requires a license fee of 119 Euros to use and, one presumes, attribution.

Update: A few days after the Politiken article came out, Ripley Davenport closed his Flickr account. Screen prints of the Flickr account with the various stolen images have been archived.

In late May, 2013 Ripley Davenport re-established his website (www.ripleydavenport.com) and included links to a LinkedIn page, Twitter and Flickr. The Flickr account WAS here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ripley-davenport/ but has now been taken down.

While this account appears to be a personal photo album (and all the images are marked copyrighted) it in fact contains about 8 images that Ripley (with the aid of his wife Laura who speaks Russian) stole from other sites and present as their own. Some have been cropped or mirrored to disguise them. In addition to the stolen images, there are several images that bear special scrutiny because they intentionally mislead with their captions.

Ripley claims (in various locations) to have crossed the Thar Desert and learned from the nomadic natives. The first three images at the top of the page, with blue clad Indian men handling camels are stolen from two websites, here: http://ru-travel.livejournal.com/13076726.html and here: http://sunny-dust.livejournal.com/pics/catalog/449/272170 from an adventure holiday taken in the Thar Desert by this woman: https://www.facebook.com/svetlana.sunny.dust

This image of a Tropic of Capricorn sign from Namibia is intended to support his claim to have visited that country. It is stolen from this website: http://reports.travel.ru/reports/2012/05/200848_1.html and, if you scroll carefully through the images you will find a second stolen image, one of a powerpole in the desert. Note how the watermark has been cropped out of the original.


The image of Ripley sitting above a sand beach is NOT Africa but Ascencion Island, 1600 km from Africa in the middle of the South Atlantic. If this was meant to show that Ripley had been in Africa in 1998 it's way off in both time and location. This image is from when Ripley passed through Ascencion Island, a UK naval base, when he was a sailor in 1992. Compare the photos here:

Ripley claims to have climbed Peak Lenin (Ibn Sina) and we find a couple of high altitude mountaineering images on the page:

The climber is unidentifiable, but the peak with the distinctive twin ridges is identifiable. It is Peak Korjeneva and that view is only available from Peak Communism. Peak Lenin is over 60 kilometers away. http://www.mountain.ru/news/2004/07-08/3_7000/korjeneva_from_communism.jpg

It is notable that all the images, save one, have very terse, vague descriptions. But the Namibia Journal has quite a description:

If this is in fact a genuine journal from Ripley's Namibia expedition, why hasn't it been shown beyond this well staged photo? "it's been copied to disk"...

This just in from the guy who provided logistical support, drop off and pickup for Ripley and "Dan"'s failed trek in Death Valley. (They lasted less than 16 hours and 5 miles). "The Death Valley photos of the desert thunderstorm are not his, either. There was no storms in the area during the less than 24 hours that Ripley was actually in DV."