These headshots are from the archived Eclipse Ireland website. They are used for critical commentary in line with "Fair Use". The center image was created by Adam Tsiopani, the son of the owner of Eclipse Ireland. The Davenports worked briefly for Eclipse Ireland but later, according to Adam, stole material from Eclipse Ireland, hence Adam Tsiopani's "Fraud Alert". Adam Tsiopani contacted me and first demanded that I prove I was real, and not some creation of the Davenports, as he suspected. The Tsiopani family was livid that the Davenports had retained control of a website for shared commercial activity, "coasteering", and were extorting the Tsiopani's for more money. After "Proof of Life" was provided, we talked at length and agreed to freely share our information. I went first with an hour of explanation of the Davenport back story, the fraudulent claims about exploring, etc. As the hour got late, (Adam in London, me in Montana) we agreed to speak more the next day, my turn to question Adam about his family's experience with the Davenports. But that didn't happen because when I was sleeping, Adam contacted Laura Davenport, told her he was getting information about her from me and made an agreement that Davenports would return all control of the website in exchange for Adam promising not to talk to me anymore. So the next day when I contacted Adam to continue the conversation, he blew off our agreement and said he had gotten what he needed. Honor among thieves. The "fraudster" image was one that Adam created and deployed on a short-lived website calling out the Davenports as fraudsters.

Adam's first email.

Adam's original "Fraudster" web page:

Ripley Davenport
Ripley Davenport Fraudster
Ripley Davenport is a fraudster. He is not to be trusted. He is otherwise known as Rip Davenport

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Round Ireland Swim
Coasteering Ireland
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