In 2013, when Ripley Davenport and his wife Laura realized that their scheme to defraud the public,

the press, clients, donors, non-profits, etc was going to be scrutinzed and publicly revealed

they broke off all communications and declared themselves victims of cyberstalking. was created as a 'billboard on the cyber-highway' to attract sources for the journalism

project which ultimately resulted in this article in Politiken, Denmark's largest newspaper. English translation here. is being reformatted as a modern, smartphone-friendly website complete with photos and new links.

It will include new examples of fraudulent behavior, including fake endurance events,

giving false information to the police, pretending to have a serious (and sympathy producing) illness and more.

It will include definitive, detailed rebuttals to the Davenport's claims of being the victims of cyberstalking.

It will be available at WordPress as "Ripley and Laura Davenport: Frauds"

In the meantime, continue to the original website by clicking HERE.